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Hawley and Company Company is registered to carry out the reserved legal activity of non-contentious probate in England and Wales.

Probate Services in Llandudno, North Wales

Hawley and Company is registered as an authorised probate firm by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), to carry out the reserved legal activity of non-contentious probate in England and Wales. We were the second accountancy firm in Wales to be fully authorised to undertake these services.

Our fees for all probate services will be based solely on time spent and there will be no further charges based on a percentage of the gross estate.

This means that you will benefit by engaging our firm to assist the Executors in managing the Estate of a deceased individual or, indeed, Geoff Hawley could be formally appointed in a will to act as Executor.

Previously, the Solicitors Act 1974 made it an offence for a person who is not a Solicitor, Barrister or Public Notary to draw up or prepare papers on which to apply for a grant of probate or letters of administration. This is no longer the case. These rules have been changed by Statutory Instrument, allowing suitably qualified members of the ICAEW to carry out this work.

Following a grant of probate or letters of administration, we will be able to collect in the assets of an Estate, settle the Estate liabilities and distribute the remainder in accordance with the will or intestacy provisions.

The services offered by this firm will provide you with a further option in choosing a probate services provider and a cost-effective alternative to the equivalent services currently offered by Solicitors and banks.

This firm’s fees do not include any third party costs that may arise such as professional valuations for probate purposes or legal fees associated with the transfer of property.

Specifically, we can assist and advise on:

  • registering the death with the relevant authorities;
  • securing property;
  • publishing notices to creditors and other claimants;
  • completion of Inheritance Tax forms;
  • calculating the Inheritance Tax liability;
  • making arrangements for the payment of Inheritance Tax;
  • completion of the probate application (form PA1);
  • administering the Estate;
  • preparation of Estate accounts; and
  • all other aspects of the probate application process

For further information on our probate services and to arrange an initial meeting, please contact us.

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